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FAQ For Employers/ Recruiting/ Staffing Agencies

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An online job board like EmployThem.com can help employers find employees in several ways:

  1. Increased visibility: By posting job openings on an online job board like EmployThem.com, employers can increase the visibility of their job opportunities. This allows them to reach a larger pool of candidates who may not have seen the job posting through other channels.

  2. Targeted advertising: Online job boards like EmployThem.com allow employers to create targeted advertising campaigns for their job postings. This can help them reach candidates with specific skills, experience, or education that are required for the job.

  3. Screening tools: Online job boards often have screening tools that can help employers filter through resumes and applications to identify the most qualified candidates. This can save employers time and effort in the hiring process.

  4. Applicant tracking: Online job boards like EmployThem.com often have applicant tracking systems that allow employers to manage the hiring process from start to finish. This can include scheduling interviews, sending emails to candidates, and tracking the progress of each candidate through the hiring process.

  5. Data analytics: Online job boards often provide data analytics tools that allow employers to track the success of their job postings. This can help them identify which job boards are generating the most applications and which job postings are attracting the most qualified candidates.

Overall, an online job board like EmployThem.com can help employers find employees by increasing visibility, providing targeted advertising, offering screening tools and applicant tracking systems, and providing data analytics to help improve the hiring process

EmployThem.com can help you be more efficient and organized by providing various features that allow you to manage your work effectively. Here are some ways that EmployThem.com can help you:

  1. Dashboards: EmployThem.com provides a customizable dashboard that can help you keep track of your tasks, projects, and deadlines. You can set up your dashboard to display the information that is most relevant to you, such as your upcoming tasks, your progress on projects, and your schedule.

  2. Matrix and Graphs: EmployThem.com provides you with matrix and graphs that can help you visualize your data and analyze your performance. You can use these tools to track your progress, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.

  3. Managed Messages: EmployThem.com provides a messaging system that allows you to communicate with your team members, managers, and clients. You can use this system to share files, ask questions, and get feedback on your work.

  4. Emails: EmployThem.com integrates with your email account, allowing you to manage your emails within the platform. You can view, reply, and send emails directly from EmployThem.com, which can save you time and help you stay organized.

  5. Task Management: EmployThem.com provides a task management system that allows you to create, assign, and track tasks. You can use this system to prioritize your work, set deadlines, and collaborate with your team members.

Overall, EmployThem.com can help you be more efficient and organized by providing you with tools and features that allow you to manage your work effectively. Whether you need to track your tasks, analyze your performance, communicate with your team members, or manage your emails, EmployThem.com has everything you need to stay on top of your work.

EmployThem.com is a job board that can help you save money in your recruiting process by providing affordable pricing options for job postings.

First, EmployThem.com offers a range of job posting packages with different pricing options, so you can choose the one that best fits your budget and hiring needs. These packages include features such as job posting duration, number of job postings, and candidate tracking.

Second, EmployThem.com also offers discounts for bulk purchases of job posting packages. This means that if you plan to post multiple job openings, you can save money by purchasing job posting packages in bulk.

Third, EmployThem.com offers a resume database that allows you to search and filter through a large pool of qualified candidates. This can save you time and money by eliminating the need to post multiple job openings for the same position.

Overall, EmployThem.com can help you save money in your recruiting process by providing affordable pricing options, discounts for bulk purchases, and a resume database to help you find qualified candidates quickly and easily.

Yes, EmployThem.com offers sales and service support to employers who advertise a job. They have a dedicated team of sales professionals who can assist employers with selecting the best job posting package, creating an effective job posting, and optimizing their job listings for maximum visibility.

Additionally, EmployThem.com also provides customer service support to employers who have questions or issues with their job postings. Their customer service team is available to provide guidance and support throughout the job posting process.

Overall, EmployThem.com aims to provide a seamless and supportive experience for employers who are looking to advertise their job openings and attract top talent.

Clients can select the package that suites their needs. They can select 1, 3, 5, 10, or even unlimited number of job postings with EmployThem.com

From time to time or if the client is a volume client with a large number of job postings, our sales team may offer a trial period with such clients. Contact our sales team for further details

Contact Hillary@employthem.com

or by visiting our contact form page “Contact”

We accept all major credit cards. Once you post your job posting, you will be directed to our shopping cart for payment. A receipt will issued and can be accessed in your personalized dashboard. 

There are no guarantees in life and as such we do not offer any such claims. 

The success of any job posting online will depend of many variables such as: 

  1. Job Title: The job title should accurately reflect the position and the level of responsibility.

  2. Job Description: A detailed job description that includes specific responsibilities, requirements, and qualifications will help attract the right candidates.

  3. Location: The location of the job can play a significant role in attracting candidates. Be sure to list the city and state/province where the job is located.

  4. Salary and Benefits: A competitive salary and benefits package can be a strong draw for potential candidates.

  5. Company Reputation: A good reputation and positive reviews from current and former employees can help attract top talent.

  6. Recruitment Channels: Utilizing multiple recruitment channels, such as social media, job boards, and employee referrals can help increase visibility and attract a wider pool of candidates.

  7. Application Process: A streamlined and user-friendly application process can make a big difference in the number of qualified candidates who apply for the job.

  8. Timing: Posting a job at the right time can make a difference in how many candidates see the job posting. Posting during peak hiring seasons or when unemployment rates are low can help attract more qualified candidates.

  9. Industry and Niche: The industry and niche of the job can also impact how successful a job posting will be. Certain industries or niche roles may require more specialized job boards or recruitment strategies.

  10. Inclusion and Diversity: Job postings that emphasize the company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion can attract a more diverse pool of candidates.

Employthem.com vets by validating every single account on it’s system. Our administrative team approves every new profile manually to ensure that it is a valid account with a valid resume and contact information. Our team also randomly contacts job seekers to validate job seekers standard information to better be able to assist in the job seeking process.

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EmployThem.com is a JOB BOARD and NOT a staffing or employment agency. 

EmployThem.com is platform designated to offer advertising space to employers/ staffing and employment agencies to connect with job seekers and professional contractors. 

EmployThem.com is absolutely FREE to join and apply for jobs by job seekers and contractors seeking employment or their next contract. 

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Yes you can. Your profile has an integrated and detailed dashboard that will allow you to customize it to your preferences. You can set alerts, upload and edit your resume and view application history. You will also be able to manage your emails and messages.  

Yes, your account is your private space. Your information is yours, if you decided to delete your account, then all data collected is and will be deleted from our platform. 

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